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What’s Included in a Mommy Makeover?

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A plastic surgeon in North Carolina, Dr. Broc Pratt received his MD from the University of Florida College of Medicine more than two decades ago. After completing his postgraduate training in both general and plastic surgery, Dr. Pratt began practicing in a clinical setting. Currently, Broc Pratt, MD, serves as a plastic surgeon at Bespoke Plastic Surgery and consults at Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI), the latter of which performs procedures, such as mommy makeovers.

After having children, women’s bodies are often different due to the extra stress of breastfeeding, pregnancy, and childbirth. Since these changes cannot always be corrected via diet and exercise programs, some individuals choose to undergo a mommy makeover. While this procedure does vary from woman to woman, most mommy makeovers revolve around breast and abdominal surgeries. These areas of the body are usually the most affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding since the skin and muscles in these areas stretch to accommodate a growing baby and milk production.
Mommy makeovers may also include additional surgical procedures, such as liposuction, as well as non-surgical procedures to help women return to their post-baby body. Common non-surgical procedures included in many mommy makeovers are cellulite reduction, skin resurfacing, skin lightening, and facial injections, such as Botox. In certain cases, these non-surgical procedures are the only ones that women will undergo since they are associated with faster recoveries.

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